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The pandemic has forced us to change the way we interact, the way we worship, and the way we serve. In some cases, it has forced us to change our priorities. For that reason, we presented a survey to the congregation to gauge its priorities and determine how we can best accomplish the mission and vision of our church in a post-pandemic world. Based on the results, it was decided that we would focus on transforming the Sanctuary in a way that enhances both the Traditional and Contemporary services. The results of the survey also demonstrated a clear path of priorities for the refresh of the campus buildings: Priority #1: Sanctuary, Priority #2: Family Life Center Great Room, Priority #3: Welcome Center and FLC Lobby.


Are you imagining more for St. Andrew’s? We invite you to be a faithful steward of all that God has entrusted you with to meet greater needs and build the Kingdom of God. We also encourage you to connect your passion and resources in support of Imagining More by praying for God to guide us through this endeavor and committing to share your story to make more disciples for Jesus.


Audio | Visual | Lighting (AVL) [estimated cost $163,000]

+ Sound board, Wiring and Microphones

+ Acoustic Treatments

+ Speakers

+ House Lighting

+ Stage Lighting

+ Projectors and New Screens

+ Video Cameras & Controls


Paint [estimated cost $19,000]

Flooring [estimated cost $50,000]

Expand Chancel Area [estimated cost $18,000]

+ Improve Visibility of Choir and Orchestra

+ Expand Stage

+ Concealing Wiring Under the Stage

Reupholster Pews [estimated cost $65,000]

Contingency Padding [estimated cost $18,000]

+ Unexpected Project Expenses


TOTAL: $333,000 



We have made huge strides in the Imagining More Capital Campaign because of your faithful giving and support. To date we have received $180,215 and an additional $10,430 has been pledged.

In order to complete Phase 1 of the campaign, we need an additional $152,785. 

Progress Bar


There are two ways you can support Imagining More.

+ Make a pledged donation.

Everyone who makes a pledge will have direct access to the progress on our goal through

Church Center (under Profile | My Giving | Pledges).  

+ Donate a gift today.

Any gift, no matter the size, can make an impact in reaching our goal. Make a one-time gift or set up automated recurring giving by clicking the button below.

Thank you for Imagining More!

We have already begun some of the work on Phase 1 and hope to be completed with all work by the 2022 Christmas season, pending available Imagining More funding as well as product availability.

The dates below are projected completion dates based on estimated shipping arrivals of the materials needed. All project contractors have been secured and approved by the Imagining More committee. This timeline is subject to change, and all updates will be communicated monthly to the congregation.




+ What is the Imagining More campaign?

Back in 2019, St. Andrew's began a capital campaign to renovate two different worship spaces. Last year we returned to this campaign to finish what had been started before COVID. After seeing the results of a church-wide survey, we adjusted the plan to two Phases. Phase one was the renovation of the sanctuary and Phase Two was a renovation to the Family Life Center.


+ Why did we start with the sanctuary?

From responses to a church-wide survey we conducted last summer, upgrading the sanctuary space was the top priority. A decided majority wanted to keep the sanctuary as the primary worship space for both the traditional and contemporary services. So, the plan became to update the audio/video/lighting technology, repaint the interior, replace the carpet, and renovate the chancel area to enhance the in-person experience, as well as improving the livestream production to keep up with the changing demands of our world.


+ When will we start Phase Two?

Phase Two will involve upgrading and renovating the Family Life Center to make it a more purposeful and pleasing environment for our church and community to gather for spiritual growth, building relationships, meeting together and serving. Preliminary talks will begin at the end of summer 2022 in hopes that the renovation effort can start in 2023.


+ How can I support and contribute to Imagining More?

Funds for Imagining More are separate from the general fund for the operation of the church. You can choose the Imagining More Fund on all the online giving options (church website,, or the Church Center app). You can also write a check and designate Imagining More on the memo field.


+ When will this project be done?

Our goal is to have the renovations to the Sanctuary done by Christmas 2022. We hope to begin Phase Two in 2023.


+ Will this disrupt services?

Our goal is to not disrupt any services. We have contracted with businesses that understand that worship happens every Sunday and they need to work around our schedule. There will be evidence of work being done, but we will always maintain a safe environment to worship. Hopefully, as we begin to see work in progress, our excitement with Phase One will grow.


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