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In a world filled
with hate, despair, and pain,
we can be left searching for
the good, for the light, for the hope.

“But you belong to God, my dear children.
You have already won a victory over
those people, because the Spirit
who lives in you is greater
than the spirit who lives
in the world.”

1 John 4:4


Most of us are dealing with some aspect in our life that feels overwhelming.

Sometimes it can seem impossible to

find God through the mess. Our priorities

can get rearranged and before we know it,

we're walking through our days just trying

to get by.

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For 2023, our church mission is

"Finding God in an Overwhelming World."

Below are the initiatives we are focusing on to help you connect with God in meaningful ways in the coming year.

2023 Initiatives

Launch a multi-faceted discipleship pathway, which provides direction and tools for people at any stage of their faith journey to fulfill their spiritual needs and intentionally grow and mature as disciples of Christ


Facilitate prayer experiences throughout the year to help people find God through prayer and spiritual growth, as well as support those in need through intercessory prayer


Host worship events for busy families where they can connect during a meal together, fun activities, and praise songs


Create an anti-racism team to help make St. Andrew's a more welcoming and inclusive church to all races and nationalities


Develop a strategic plan for a 2024 launch of a community respite center


Find and implement new ways to connect with people and support them through life's challenges

As we help you find God in an overwhelming world, will you help us?

If you are reading this, maybe St. Andrew's has been a place of solace for you,

a place for you to worship, connect in Christian community and serve others—

a place that helps you find God in an overwhelming world.

Will you make a commitment to give in 2023 so that we can continue

to reach more people and lead them to know God and experience His grace through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ?

Make a pledge today to help fund our 2023 budget [$1,062,940*].

Every single dollar makes an impact. Click the button below to fill out a pledge card

by November 20 (Commitment Sunday.)

*This number represents our estimated 2023 budget and is subject to change.

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