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Dear St. Andrew's Family,

As we continue our journey to be on mission together this year, we are excited to introduce to you a new opportunity to help people experience God’s grace through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Imagining More is a three-year campaign to transform the Sanctuary and Family Life Center into two dedicated spaces for people to be fully immersed in the worship experience. Are you imagining more for St. Andrew’s? We invite you to be a faithful steward of all that God has entrusted you with to meet greater needs and build the Kingdom of God. We also encourage you to connect your passion and resources in support of Imagining More by joining a campaign team, praying for God to guide us through this endeavor, and committing to share your story to make more disciples for Jesus. It’s time to start imagining more—more intentional worship spaces, more welcoming environments for people to experience God’s grace, more people reached for Jesus.

Will you join us in imagining more?

Our Imagining More Campaign is a three-year commitment toward a goal of $300,000.  




  • New Flooring (carpet & tile)

  • Paint

  • LED Lights

  • Improved Lighting Control

  • New Speakers

  • New Screens (16:9 ratio)

  • Lobby Expansion

  • Cry Room Relocation

  • AC Unit Replacement

  • A/V (sound, lighting, video)

  • Stage (North End of Great Room)

  • Tech Booth

  • Acoustic Treatments

  • New Flooring (carpet)

  • New Chairs

  • Lobby Renovation (remove trophy case & add welcome center)

  • Paint

Imaging MoreWhite.png

Every pledge—no matter the size—gets us one step closer to Imagining More for St. Andrew’s.


Pledges made to Imagining More are in addition to regular gifts, tithes and offerings. 

Be a part of something bigger.  

Imagining More not only relies on the faithful giving of stewards like you, but also requires prayer, leadership, and service.

join a team ...

PRAYER TEAM  organizes prayer events and fervently prays for the success of the campaign and the addition of more disciples to God’s kingdom
EVENTS & HOSPITALITY  coordinates ground-breaking and project completion events
CREATIVE GIVING  identifies givers who are willing to make challenge gifts, and helps congregants identify planned giving opportunities

If you have a passion for one of these areas, sign up to be a team leader or member.


Thanks for serving!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are we launching the Imagining More Capital Campaign?

A: The vision of the Imagining More campaign is to create environments that will enhance worship and further spiritual growth, allowing us to reach more people for Jesus.

Q: Why are we taking on this campaign now?

A: In 2013 a survey was conducted in which the congregation identified four main priorities. Those priorities were (in order) to eliminate debt, pave the parking lot, “refresh” the sanctuary, and “refinish” the Great Room in the Family Life Center. We have successfully completed the first two items, and we are now turning our attention to completing the final two.

Q: What is included in the scope of the Imagining More campaign?

A: The scope of the project would include refreshing the Sanctuary, expanding the Sanctuary lobby, and moving the cry room into the northwest corner of the Sanctuary. This would include new flooring, paint, lighting, sound, and video equipment along with replacing the south side A/C unit.


The scope of the project would also include creating a dedicated worship space for the NINE45 worship service in the Family Life Center. This would include new A/V equipment, stage, tech booth, acoustic treatments, flooring, paint and chairs. The lobby of the FLC would also be redesigned to create a Welcome Center.


Q: Will we still be able to use the Great Room of the Family Life Center for other functions after the transformation of the space?

A: Yes, we will still be able to use the Great Room for Fellowship Café and other large events. In fact, we anticipate that the space will be more welcoming and functional for all the programming currently taking place in the Great Room. Additionally, we believe that the newly designed space will be more attractive to outside groups looking for event space. This would help us bring new people onto campus and expose more people to our wonderful facilities!

Q: What is the estimated cost of the Imagining More Capital Campaign?

A: The estimated cost of the entire project as currently packaged is $250,000 with roughly $125,000 being attributed to the Sanctuary and $125,00 being attributed to the Family Life Center.


Q: What is the goal amount to raise through the Imagining More Capital Campaign?

A: Church Council has approved seeking funding in the form of a loan (preferably from the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church) of $300,000 to be paid off in no more than three years.


Q: How do I give to support the Imagining More campaign?

A: There are many ways to give to the Imagining More campaign. You can give by check (either in the offering plate or by mail) and noting “Imagining More campaign” in the memo field of the check. If giving cash, please mark “Imagining More campaign” on the outside of the envelope. You can give online using the button above and choosing “Imagining More” from the “Fund” options. If you choose to use the online giving option you can easily set up recurring giving on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.


Q: When is the project scheduled to begin, and how long will it take to complete?

A: The project will begin as soon as funding is secured and plans are designed and approved for both the Sanctuary and Family Life Center modifications. The plan would call for the FLC project to happen first so that worship can continue in the sanctuary as normal. Once the FLC is complete, all worship services will be held in the FLC until the sanctuary “refresh” is completed.