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Thriving in Between

The end of the summer break is an interesting time for students and their families. Feelings about the end of another time off from school can range from sadness or fear all the way to joy and celebration. I always felt a bit excited at the end of summer break. While I really enjoyed having the time to do as I pleased with my days, I really enjoyed the energy that surrounded the return to school. The shopping trips for new clothes and school supplies, the meetings with new teachers and coaches, and all of the possibilities that a new year had. It all made starting a school year seem like an adventure.

One of the very best parts of heading back to school in August was being able to share stories about everything that I had been up to over the past few months with my friends, as well as hearing the same from them. It was always great to hear about what fun, exciting, and frightening things people could do when they were in-between school years. Without the constant march of homework, practice, tests, lessons, and clubs, young people and their families found time to climb mountains, reconnect with distant relatives, rebuild car engines, and serve people around the world, among other things.

Breaks in the action provide us with great opportunities to have new experiences, find rest, build on our knowledge, and prepare for the next big thing, which is what Thrive Student Ministry has been focusing on over this summer break. They have been leading and participating in worship in a wide variety of places; they have connected in community with old and new friends; they have grown in their faith as they gathered for youth group on Sunday nights; and they have served in the church and in communities of need, both in and out of the country. We are so proud of each and every one of our students, because they chose to use their time this summer to be intentional about getting closer to God and his Kingdom.

I hope that you all can join us on Sunday morning to hear more about how God has worked in and through the young people of Thrive, as well as how God can continue to work through the whole St. Andrew’s community.

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