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All Together

“All the believers were united and shared everything.” Acts 2:44

There is something very special about being together. Whenever our family has been able to take a vacation the part I enjoy the most is being together. We have had the privilege to go to many wonderful places for vacation like Asheville, New York, Washington D.C., Costa Rica, and a Disney Cruise. No matter where we have gone the best part was having family time—together. There is something special about being together with people you love and enjoy.

This is the best part of the second chapter of The Acts of the Apostles. The picture that is painted is one of togetherness. They were together in purpose, message, and mission. All the believers were on the same page. They were sold out to the mission of spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I read this portion of Scripture I am amazed, every time, at how central their faith is to their entire life. They ate together. They prayed and studied together. They pooled their resources and met each other’s needs together. They met in the temple courts and from house to house—you guessed it—together. The Apostles and early believers knew that they were better together.

The principle for us to learn here is that we make a difference when we are all together. We accomplish more when we are all together on mission to help people experience God’s grace through a growing relationship with Jesus. We make a difference when we are all together in serving the church and the community. When we take all of our unique spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities and use them together we accomplish much more. When we go together and serve we truly make a difference. We are better together!

Who are you going to serve with? Remember when we go together to serve we make a difference for Christ. It was never intended for us to do it alone. So, seek out ways to serve together through a ministry of the church, a mission partner in the community, or another organization in the community. Just don’t try and do it alone. Go together and make a difference!

This weekend we will continue the message series Make A Difference! We will discuss the importance of working together. I hope you will join us. I can’t wait to see you in worship.


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