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Epiphany Means Manifestation

The season of Epiphany began on January 6 and has as its theme mission and outreach. The Magi found the new born king. God has manifested himself in many ways but most supremely in Jesus who said "if you have seen me you have seen the Father." God continues to be manifested through those who have found the Christ and surrendered to Him. The United Methodist Book of Discipline reminds us that our function is to help others to know Christ personally and to live their lives within their relationship with God. This affirms the Biblical teaching that every Christian has responsibility for the physical and spiritual wellbeing of others. As we enter the year 2020 may the vision of every group related to St. Andrew's focus on this responsibility. Please talk with God as to how we/you can do this. How will you help others to know Christ and to grow in their faith? Epiphany reminds us to share Jesus with others, but that sharing cannot be mandated; it arises from a heart of love and concern. My prayer for the New Year is that God will be manifested in your life and mine. To God be the glory for great things he is doing.


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