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God's Prescription for Life

Before I left the house today, I looked in the counter where we keep our medications, and noticed that I have several prescriptions that are still current if I should need them. I don’t think I’m that different from most of you, in that, your medicine cabinet or storage place probably has bottles of unused pills waiting for a time when you might need them.

In preparing for this Sunday’s message, I realized that the Bible is full of prescriptions that God has left for us to take—but so often we don’t open this container either. In the Gospel of John, God has offered to everyone a full prescription for life. The question for us to ponder together on Sunday is what are we prepared or willing to do with this prescription.

After most of our visits to the doctor, we receive a prescription to help with our healing. We then have a choice to pick it up at the pharmacy of our choice or not. And if we pick it up, the bottle has clear directions on how it should be taken—but we each still have a choice as to whether we will follow those directions or not. Generally included is that these should be taken unto all the pills are gone.

Much the same is true for God’s prescription for our lives —it has been filled through the life and death of Jesus Christ, but what will we do with this prescription? Will we receive it, take it into our lives or leave it unopened?

Come and join us Sunday as we discuss this prescription, and your response to God’s most generous gift. See you in His house Sunday.


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