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Stations of the Cross

Hey, St. Andrew’s, I’m here today to tell you about an experience that we are offering to you during the season of Lent, so that you can experience Stations of the Cross from your home. So, I want to tell you a little about it, but first let’s answer, “what is Stations of the Cross?” Stations of the Cross is an experiential opportunity for you to pause and to consider that journey Jesus took in his final days, as he moved toward the cross—his death. Why is that important? In order for us to really, truly celebrate Easter on Sunday, we need to consider first the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on Good Friday. And that is what this is. This is an opportunity for you to pause and truly consider what it means. This year we are offering you this opportunity, Stations of the Cross, but you will be able to take it home with you. You will be able to open it up, and what we are hoping, during the week of Holy Week, that you will set some time aside to go through this opportunity, this experience. So, here’s what it is. When you open up your box, what you find is that there are twelve stations. Each station comes with an explanation, some Scripture, some reading, and some thoughts about some of the steps that Jesus took. There will also be things within this box that will be experiential—something to smell, or to taste, or to touch, or to feel. The box is really created for all of us to take some time to reflect. So, who is this appropriate for? Really, anyone from elementary-aged and up. You can do this alone, by yourself. It may take you about an hour. Or you can do it as a group, in your family or with a few friends. If you choose to do that, it may take a little longer. There really isn’t any wrong way to do this. Just simply set aside some time to pause, to reflect, to read some Scripture, to consider the journey that Jesus took—for us, so that we might receive the grace that he so freely offers to us on Easter morning. I hope that you will take advantage, make a reservation, and pick up your box for the Stations of the Cross. Click HERE to register for your box today.


Pastor Jayne Rideout


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