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The Way

Over the past six weeks we have heard the message again and again to follow social distancing, wash our hands regularly, wear a mask if we have to go out, and stay at home if at all possible. We have received clear messages from our medical and professional fields on how to stay safe during the time of this pandemic. And yet, as I go out to shop for members of our congregation, or to mail a package—I note many people who are disregarding these very important guidelines for everyone’s safety and well-being.

This Sunday we will look at Jesus’ words from what is called His farewell discourse. Specifically, we will be looking at His words in John 14, which we hear regularly as most funerals. In them, Jesus lays out the means for us to enjoy a wholesome relationship with Him and with the world around. He suggests that we follow the way, abide by the truth and know the Life. Again, clear instruction if we are willing to listen and abide, yet how many read these words without every really understanding or applying them to our daily way of life?

I invited you to join us via livestream as we look at the deeper impact that Jesus was sharing with His disciples and us in some of the final moments of His life. If we are willing to heed them, we can have the fullness God has in store for each of us—or we can choose to ignore and not apply them in hopes that there is some other way, truth, and life. The choice is yours, but my request is for you to choose wisely. See you at the Father House on Sunday.

-Pastor Dan


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