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True Intentions

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. [Matthew 5:8]

Have you ever stopped and pondered what your motives are for doing something? I mean, really got down to the gut-level depths of what makes us tick in a variety of things we do. What is our true agenda? Was our kindness, generosity, helpfulness, thoughtfulness due to pure unadulterated motives? Or was there something more subtle and possibly self-seeking behind it all? Really, who are you trying to fool?

Well-intentioned Christians can be real experts at deceiving themselves and others by being so convinced that their intentions are always pure, unadulterated, and totally selfless. But typically, well-buried, far distant from the well-meaning action, there is a hint or even a torrent of selfishness and personal agendas. Actions aimed at getting something in return. "Pure," in the context of this passage, describes a heart that is free of unadulterated motives.

So, this is my challenge. Can we truly perform selfless, good deeds—acts of pure kindness in our world? In order to do so, we will have to do some deep reflecting to get at and understand the motives of each and every one of our actions. And that may hurt. But in the endeavor don’t be surprised when you discover what Jesus said in the Beatitude: you will be blessed because “you will see God.” You will see people as God sees them. And you will see God all around you—in all persons and in all of creation.


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