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You Are the One

“They don’t stay connected to the head. The head nourishes and supports the whole body through the joints and ligaments, so the body grows with a growth that is from God.” Colossians 2:19 CEB

I have always enjoyed dreaming of things that I could create. When I was in elementary school I loved art class because I could create drawings, paintings, and clay sculptures. I would learn of a new assignment and I would dream of what I would create. I thought about what colors I would use and what the overall project would look like when it all came together. It was an amazing process for me and one I loved taking part in. I loved to create.

As an adult, I still enjoy creating. That is what excites me about writing, preaching, and even leading within the church. I thoroughly enjoy new things. I believe that all of this creative passion within me is a gift given to all of us from God. God is the ultimate Creator of everything we see and even the things we cannot see. God loves to create. God loves instilling that love of creating in all of us. We each have this inherent quality in different ways. It is something that comes naturally and may come more easily to some than others, but it is there.

In The Book of Colossians, Paul reminds us that God created us and God alone qualifies us through the Son, Jesus. We are the masterpiece of the Creator of all things. Genesis demonstrates God’s love of creating perhaps more than anywhere else. After all, God created ex nihilo (out of nothing) in Genesis. God’s love of creating is demonstrated in God’s love and care for every human life created. This demonstrates God’s love for us. We are God’s priority. We are God’s plan A to continue God’s redemptive work in the world. God created you, God qualifies you, and God calls you to serve. No one can ever disqualify those whom God has qualified.

As we continue in our message series Qualified, we will look this week at this fact that no one can disqualify you. Last week we looked at God’s qualifying love in Jesus Christ. This week we will discuss how no one can reverse what God has done in you. This truth can transform our life when we truly receive it and live in it. It is my prayer that you will come to a deeper understanding of this qualifying love through Jesus. May you realize this day that God is the one who created you and qualifies you. May you realize that God loves you so much that he qualifies you for a purpose—for God’s purpose. I hope you will join us for worship this Sunday at either 8:15 | NINE45 | 11:15 or via livestream at SAUMC.NET. I love you and cannot wait to see you in church. The best is yet to come.


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