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Youth Ministry

Much of the conversation around town this week has around when and how the public schools in Hillsborough County will open due to COVID-19. The conversations are important because our children and youth are a priority to this community. It is no different at St. Andrew's. This past week Gary and I met with six outstanding volunteers who serve with our youth ministry. We met to plan and prepare for the fall, brainstorming ideas on how to connect to the youth in spite of COVID-19.  We met together because the youth are depending on their church to disciple them in the ways of Jesus Christ, even in the midst of a pandemic.  

Last week the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) met to continue the search for a new director for youth ministry. There was a wonderful passion within that committee to find the right person to be a spiritual leader for our students. Please know they are still accepting applications for this position and it is our prayer to fill this slot very soon so we can move forward to provide the support and guidance our students need from their church family.  

Please pray for our youth volunteers as they prepare for the fall. Please pray for the SPRC as they continue their search for the right leader. Please also pray for our youth that they will know they are loved and valued by their church family.  

Blessings to you on this Friday, 

Pastor Jayne and Pastor Gary


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