WEEK 3  |  August 30, 2020

Finding Good Soil | Jesus scatters the message of God’s love, mercy, salvation, and grace generously and abundantly to all. We can look at each moment in our lives as a seed that we have freely received. Youth are such fertile soil to receive the message of God’s love. We as a church need to nurture this fertile soil. No matter how much seed may seem initially to not take root, the work of Jesus will still bear great fruit. Even when nothing seems to be happening, we must never be discouraged or lose hope.

WEEK 2  |  August 23, 2020

Making a Difference | Jesus told stories to help people have new eyes or a new lens to see the truths of God at work in their lives. So often we are distracted by the roadblocks to living out our faith. We see the obstacles before us, and we are tempted to not take action before we even begin. This week we will look to the parable of the leaven that teaches us that small beginning can still have big results. We will also focus on the ministry of St. Andrew's at Dover Elementary. The work being done at Dover Elementary is a great example of people of faith taking action to do ministry in the face of some exceptionally large, hard issues. Yet, the outcome of these efforts by St. Andrew's have had a big and life changing impact.

WEEK 1  |  August 16, 2020

Radical Love | This Sunday we'll focus on the parable of the good samaritan, which embodies how we as Christians are not to look away, but are passionately obligated to respond, to take risks, when we encounter those in pain, those who need mercy, and those who are deprived of justice. We are called to respond in ways that show that radical love of Christ that breaks through boundaries and reaches out in extraordinary ways. We are to seek resources in our church and community that strive for justice, mercy, and compassion.

WEEK 4  |  September 6, 2020

One Small Seed | Sometimes, Jesus told stories to help encourage people in their faith journey. Jesus understood how dependent we are on our sense of sight. What we see in front of us can either make or break us. It can determine if it is a good day or a bad day. It can give us hope or leave us in despair. But Jesus taught that our faith is not dependent on just what we see with our eyes. The Parable of the Mustard Seed reminds us that in God’s Kingdom, what appears small may one day be a great blessing to many. This Sunday we will focus on two ministries of St. Andrew's that have been a blessing to so many in our community, United Methodist Women and Cornerstone Family Ministries. We hope you will join us to hear about some great ministries, but also to be encouraged in your faith.

WEEK 5  |  September 13, 2020

Responding to the Call | The parable of the sheep and goats tends to make us all nervous because it is about the judgment of God on the nations of this earth. In this parable, both those who are charitable and those who are not are equally confused by God’s judgment on them. Jesus teaches that to feed the hungry is to feed Him. To not feed the hungry is to deny food to Jesus. If you are a parent, you may have noticed your joy when someone is kind to your children. You may also have felt the rage that comes when another person hurts your kids. This is a great parable that teaches us about the heart of God and His command to meet the needs of this world in the name of Jesus Christ.
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