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A Legacy

"It was there at Gilgal that Joshua piled up the twelve stones taken from the Jordan River."

Joshua 4:20 A couple of weeks ago we spoke of why we remember. I used the biblical account of Joshua piling up twelve stones taken from the Jordan River to build a memorial to what God had done for God's people. The idea is that present and future generations would be able to remember God's abundant provision for them. The stones were a visible, tangible and present reminder. The amazing thing is that all someone had to do was look at this memorial and they would be brought to recall its meaning. If they couldn't recall or did not know its meaning they would need to ask. When they asked the people of God would share the memory. It is important to have memorials in our life. We at St. Andrew's have a great opportunity before us. Through our Paving the Way campaign is an opportunity for a Joshua style moment in our church. We have set a goal of finishing the north end of the main parking lot this year. The goal is to raise $130,000 in order to complete the project. As I write this we have already had people give $67,000 toward this goal. Wow! That is amazing. It puts us at 52% of our goal halfway through the campaign. Let's keep going strong St. Andrew's! The reason this is a Joshua style moment in our church is because of what it will mean for current and future generations. As each of us drive on to the parking lot we will remember how God moved in our hearts and lives. As future generations ask about our parking lot, and campus, we can tell them of the God of abundant generosity and provision we serve. This could be the opportunity to pile up our stones. There is also the fact that this project is a part of our legacy. As we give toward the completion of this project we are making it easier for unchurched people in our community to be receptive to church and to Christ. As we continue to invite people to church for services, special events, and other activities the finished parking lot will be incredibly inviting to them. Our first impression will be one of excellence and hospitality. This by itself most likely will not help someone give God a chance, but it could help to not turn them away. We want them to see a sign of how our amazing God provides through God's people. We want them to feel welcome. I encourage us all to prayerfully consider giving sacrificially to this campaign. We have asked everyone to bring their gift by Sunday, June 25. We look forward to reaching our goal and Paving the Way toward more and more people coming to Christ through the ministries of SAUMC. In Christ,

Pastor Tim

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