St. Andrew’s Justice Ministry team works to ensure justice, fairness, and dignity for all people in our community. We are a member of Hillsborough Organization for Progress and Equality (HOPE), a multi-issue, grassroots organization consisting of multicultural and interfaith congregations throughout Hillsborough County. Together we seek out personal stories from people in our community to better understand their needs and determine common issues plaguing our brothers and sisters. We then engage and train justice ministry members to work together to achieve long-term resolutions to these issues and annually unite over 1,200 citizens to hold community officials accountable for making positive changes for the future.



The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department agreed to launch a pilot program in 2016 and last year made it a permanent policy ti issue civil citations instead of arrests for nonviolent  misdemeanors for first-time juvenile offenders, saving  the county approximately $5,000 in court costs and providing youth a chance to live a life unscarred by an arrest record.



The Hillsborough County School Board agreed to create an alternative to out of

school suspension program (ATOSS), where children could be in a supervised program with teachers and do their school work. The program allows children to maintain their GPA and has graduated over 150,000 students since its inception.



HART bus line extended eight  routes until 1 a.m. to help people can get to and from work.


Fifty two times a year we gather for Sunday worship. One time a year, we gather for JUSTICE. At Nehemiah Action we invite officials who can correct a systemic injustice in our society to face thousands of citizens from the HOPE congregations, and ask the officials to take specific action to correct the injustice. The more people we have in attendance, the better our chances are of the officials agreeing to what we are asking.


Don’t miss your opportunity to do justice! Register for Nehemiah Action by clicking the SIGN UP button. Attend to show our community leaders that we are united together for positive change.